11+ Different Popular Types of Photography Techniques to Try

Photography is an art and science to make or record an image on a permanent medium or source which is a consequence of photochemical impact, such as photographic film or electronic image sensor etc. And the many forms which are employed to generate different sorts of photos are termed photographic methods. Generally these categories were introduced when they were necessary in a certain sector of employment.

Various current methods of photography have emerged as accordance to the rising needs and there are many techniques of photography which are necessary in the connected professions some of them are: –

  • Aerial photography – This photographic technique is widely used as a base in preparation of topographic maps, land use planning, surveillance etc.
  • High speed photography –Generally used to capture motions happening at a faster speed so that details of the action can be watched mostly used in movie making.
  • Time lapse photography – This photography is generally used by environmentalists to portray the motion of long period in a shorter time.
  • Infrared photography – Generally used by the surveillance and geographic department to prepare blue prints because greater details can be captured from far distance.
  • Astrophotography – This technique is used by the astronomy departments for recording the astrological objects and there movements.

These all some of the varieties of photography which are introduced for specific purpose than everyday usage but typical sorts of photography methods utilized un routine are as such: –

  • Aerial photography – The photographs of ground taken from an elevated point or platform is called aerial photography.
  • Afocal photography – Photography with a microscope or telescope attached to the camera is called afocal photography. Used generally for capturing further or microscopic objects.
  • Cyanotypes – It is a photographic printing technique which results in a cyan blue print also called as blue prints.
  • High speed photography – its Photographic sequence of motion of very fast phenomena usually used for motion pictures.
  • Infrared photography – Also known as thermal imaging is a photographic technique which displays the images created by infrared lights.
  • Macro photography Macro photography is technique of photography which displays close ups of smaller subject.
  • Micrography or Photomicrography – it’s a photographic technique which is includes a microscope or a similar object to portray a largely magnified photograph.
  • Monochrome Photography –  Its is called black and white photography in which the image contains only single hue and the complete image is in grey tone either black or white.
  • Stereoscopy It is a photographic technique in which the illusion depth of the image is enhanced thus the picture appears as 3-D images.
  • Time-lapse – It’s a technique of cinematography in which frame rate is much slower than it is being played which results in display of longer motion in a short time.
  • Astrophotography – It’s a specialized photographic technique used mainly for capturing astronomical objects and areas of sky at night.

These photographic methods are used in their respective sectors in accordance with the criteria, and their usage is widespread because of the potential financial rewards. Photography is a phrase that is used often in many aspects of day-to-day life for the purpose of collecting data, pictures, and information, such as in the fields of research and engineering, as well as in informal situations, as well as at the sites of accidents and crimes. Exploring facts that aren’t visible to the human eye is made easier with the use of photography and the sophisticated tools that have evolved with it.

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